#2: dashboard_primary_title

On Hold
— I couldn’t get this filter to work. Neither could a couple of other people, so until there’s clarification on whether it still even has a purpose, I’m going to wait.

If you’re curious … the filter is only evaluated if the dashboard_primary widget options aren’t set. And it appears that is never the case.

The dashboard_primary_title filter allows you to modify the title of the ‘WordPress Blog’ dashboard widget.

The filter is evaluated in wp_dashboard_setup() as part of the callback passed to wp_add_dashboard_widget() for creating the ‘WordPress Blog’ dashboard widget in in wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php.

Side note: As this filters a translatable string, your single-language filtered value could override a valid translation of the string. So keep that in mind.


Since we all love WordPress news, let’s say we wanted to change the name of the ‘WordPress Blog’ dashboard widget to something more awesome. The following example modifies the widget title to ‘Awesome WordPress Blog’.