#37: comments_per_page

The comments_per_page filter allows you to define the number of comments to list per page in the comments list table.

It is evaluated in:

comments_per_page accepts 2 arguments:

  1. int $comments_per_page The number of comments to list per page.
  2. string $comment_status The comment status name. Default is ‘all’.


I don’t know about you, but when I go to clean out spam comments, it’s irritating to have that extra step of upping the comments per page — the default is 20 — just so I can bulk-delete them faster. The following example raises the comments-per-page amount only when you’re in the ‘Spam’ filtered view.

View the code example on Gist.

Have a suggested improvement? You can fork the Gist and comment back with the link. If all is agreeable, I’ll merge in your changes. Crowd-sourced documentation FTW!

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